Stop The Spread Of Coronavirus With Healthy Pass

The novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 spreads around the world rapidly. No one would have thought a few weeks ago that entire countries around the globe are shutting down. We are faced with the biggest challenge in history and we are determined to fight against this invisible enemy successfully.

We are supporting ISC-CX, a global leader in customer engagement and measurement, with their initiative to stop the spread of coronavirus. ISC-CX has reacted to the Covid-19 crisis by launching a new digital tool for organizations called Healthy-Pass. The app provides an easy way for companies and public institutions of all types (universities, trade show venues, airports, stores, restaurants, etc.) to easily communicate with those entering their premises about Covid-19 risk factors that could affect others on the same premises.

How Does It Work?

Upon entering a place of business or school, everyone fills out a short, 4-5 question screening survey on their own phones. The survey is easily accessed by a QR code near the entryway. The confidential information provided, which is a risk evaluation, is instantly sent to a designated employee in the organization. If someone reports on the survey that they are symptomatic of Covid-19 or have been in risk areas, the person can be gently approached instead of proceeding into the premises.

What Is The Benefit?

Healthy-Pass is a quick and easy solution for all stakeholders--businesses, schools, individuals and the public at large. The app can be deployed within 12 - 24 hours of contacting ISC-CX to keep premises open and safe. For individuals, the app prevents close contact and maintains privacy/discretion. Individuals are more comfortable responding to risk questions silently on their own phone rather than being verbally screened.

Knowing that all people in an area (customers, employees and visitors) filled out the Healthy-Pass makes people feel more at ease with those around them, but it also ensures that business carries on as normal as possible.

"We put all our resources into developing this timely tool and already tested it with customers. Feedback has been very positive. We created a possibility not only to contain the spread of Covd-19 but also to alleviate the damage it has had or could have to business," said Reinhold Auer, Managing Director of ISC-CX.

ISC-CX is providing Healthy-Pass free to universities and schools. It is currently available in 4 languages – English, Spanish, French and German.

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