5 Keys to Building Strong Customer Loyalty

Did you know it costs 5 times as much to gain new customers as it does to retain current ones?

To go even further, repeat customers spend 33-67% more than fresh ones.

This is why many experts stress the importance of customer loyalty. Not only are loyal customers cheaper to hold on to, but they also tend to spend more money. Plus, there's always a chance they refer a friend or two.

This article will look at 5 ways to enhance customer loyalty for your brand. Keep reading to learn some steps you can take to capitalize on your most profitable buyers!

1. Provide Incentives Through Loyalty Programs

Rewarding loyal customers is a great way to motivate them to stay devoted to your brand.

Nowadays, you have many options when designing a loyalty program. Smartphone apps are convenient and accessible. However, not everyone has a smartphone, so you can also opt for swipe cards, punch cards, or email.

Once you put a program in place, prepare to stick with it long-term. Try offering rewards for referrals. Consider using contests to promote your program as well.

2. Use Social Media to Obtain Feedback

If customers think you're ignoring their input, they aren't as inclined to remain loyal.

When it comes to apps, for instance, more than 50% of users would defect if they felt the developer didn't take their feedback seriously. This is why responding to customer input is a key to providing a positive customer experience.

Thankfully, social media gives companies access to organic consumer insight around the clock. Using several platforms, you can identify the strengths and weaknesses of your brand.

3. Keep Customers Updated Through Email

There are several ways you can use email marketing to generate brand loyalty.

First, offer exclusive deals to your email subscribers. Also, remind them if they have loyalty program points that they haven't redeemed yet.

Next, embed surveys in your emails, or link to them. This lets customers know you value their opinions.

Finally, don't forget to thank your customers for purchases. Sending out a birthday email with a discount can also delight customers.

4. Focus on the Quality of Your Customer Service

Inevitably, customers will have questions and concerns related to your service. How you handle their concerns will affect their overall satisfaction

You always want to respond to customer concerns in a timely manner. The longer you make customers wait, the more frustrated they become with you.

Also, provide Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) pages to guide customers through common issues. If you can, place your FAQ in the navigation of your website to make things easy for visitors.

5. Be as Personal as Possible

Traditional marketing is often seen as impersonal. But there are ways you can use your marketing to build relationships.

For one, don't just use social media to gauge how customers feel about certain aspects of your business. Use it to engage with customers on a personal level as well. Look at when your customers are most active on social media, and post during those times.

Also, use live video show customers around your store, or do Q&A's.

Final Thoughts on Building Customer Loyalty

From referrals to bigger purchases, loyal customers bring in more business. However, it's your responsibility to give them reasons to come back for more.

Consider offering incentives via loyalty programs. Rebates, discounts, gift cards, and frequent buyers points are all excellent options.

Make sure to conduct targeted customer satisfaction surveys on the regular basis. However, remember to pay attention to social media feedback as well.

Feel free to contact us if you need help with building stronger customer loyalty!

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