Who We Are

PURE CX is founded on more than two decades of international customer experience management in retail, tourism and hospitality industries. We are an international team of young and enthusiastic consultants dedicated to providing a range of customer experience management solutions designed to increase quality, efficiency, and profitability for your organisation. Our core operations are conducted through specialised business units focused on measuring and providing solutions for each area of customer experience and engagement.

PURE CX is a broad-based group. We have our own quality assurance division for the hotel industry and are licensees and partners of ISC-CX. PURE CX is committed to the success of our clients. We, therefore, only provide the best in customer service evaluation in the industry.

We specialise in customer experience management in the form of mystery shopping, customer satisfaction surveys, and audits. Our customer management and engagement services extend to the finance, automotive, retail, restaurant and tourism industries in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe.

We work closely with both small and large enterprises as well as government entities to conduct market research and deliver consumer and employee satisfaction strategies, which are PURE to their companies. We are sensitive to their needs, the individuality of their businesses and budget.