Mobile Market Research

We are all about making your life easier. We have joined with Simply Tasks, a mobile market research platform, to offer you a quick solution to the most pressing questions. The quick survey tool allows you to collect data in real time really fast through the power of the crowd.

How Does Mobile Market Research Work?

We believe that the best way to get a handle on your business is by breaking down traditional data-collection methods into small tasks and assigning them to local shoppers via a mobile app system. Thanks to the power of location tracking, Simply Tasks can send users an alert on their mobile telephone asking whether or not they want to conduct a mystery shop. If the user goes ahead with the mystery shop, they will be prompted with 5-10 questions to answer on their phone as they visit your store.

Mobile market research enables us to connect you with a large pool of mystery shoppers who will go to your locations to ask questions, take photos or videos, and acquire whatever data you need to optimize your operations.

With Simply Tasks, you'll be able to check-in on any of your worldwide locations in real-time and immediately correct any uncovered issues with the power of crowdsourcing. Our partners quickly mobilize a workforce of smartphone users on demand to collect large quantities of data. You will finally be able to get real-time feedback from customers and employees without having to wait days for reports!

The information we collect empowers you to make informed business decisions and drive strategic insights. Speed is a crucial ingredient for success these days and we help gather feedback fast.

What Are The Benefits Of Crowdsourced Mystery Shopping?

You get valuable insight into how your business is performing in real time, and we are able to provide you with reports that show exactly what is going on in your store—when you need it most. There are several benefits attached to a crowdsourced mystery shopping solution.

1. Fast Set-up:

A crowdsourced mystery shopping project is an alternative method to manage the customer experience. It can be implemented within a few hours.

2. Quick Turnaround:

Crowdsourced mystery shopping projects happen in real-time and they take less time to complete.

3. Pricing:

A crowdsourced mystery shopping program allows you to get real-time feedback from customers about your store's service, products, and atmosphere, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional mystery shopping programs. The price is specific to the sample size, which means you only pay for your desired number of shops.

Most importantly, mobile market research gives you an opportunity to improve your business based on what your customers are saying. And as we all know, happy customers are more likely to come back and tell their friends about you.

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