Customer Experience Management

Mystery Shopping

PURE CX helps companies connect the dots in their business through relevant and proactive consumer market research and mystery shopping programmes.

You need our customer experience management services if you are wondering:

• What customers think when they walk into your business?
• What elements influence their purchase decisions?
• If your staff is adhering to your customer service standards?

Polling customers provides some level of information, but not an overall picture that will help you to effectively improve your business. Customer experience management in the form of Mystery Shopping is a crucial evaluative tool for consumer market research to determine if your company standards are being followed consistently.

Mystery Shopping gives you an inside look into your customer’s experience to assess customer satisfaction and brand standard compliance. This is important when trying to find ways to innovate and grow your customer base. Without these mystery shopper reports, you will miss important information about your business and essential steps to improve it.

Assessment of employees by Mystery Shoppers, without supervisor or manager presence, provides a more accurate picture of interactions. Mystery Shoppers are trained to interact with your employees and report only the necessary data. We use the data to identify areas for improvement and provide the necessary training programmes to improve customer experience.

We work in partnership with ICS-CX to provide Mystery Shopping / Customer Experience Management services. Our partner is one of the world’s leading customer experience management companies with a 20-year track record in providing precise data and consumer insights that help companies make informed decisions. Our team
combines a range of sophisticated consumer research methods with innovative technology and services to support your customer experience optimization.

PURE CX applies mystery shopping business audit processes to capture the full customer service experience. Our Evaluators are trained to provide unbiased consumer response to their experience with your company. From surface issues to more detailed analyses, the PURE CX customer experience management process allows you to make the required decisions to
improve your business operations and customer experience.

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