6 Signs You Need a Customer Experience Manager

Customer service can make or break a company, regardless of their field.

In fact, one study revealed that 70 percent of Americans are willing to spend more to buy from a company that they feel provides excellent customer service.

But without a customer experience manager, it can be tough to manage your customer service.

Wondering whether it's time to hire a professional? Check out this list of 6 signs that to find out!

1. You Aren't Receiving Customer Feedback

Feedback from customers, whether it's positive or negative, is essential.

It lets you know how you and your staff are doing when it comes to customer service. It helps you figure out what areas need improvement.

If you aren't receiving feedback, it may be time to hire an experience manager.

They will follow up with customers to see whether they were satisfied with their experience with your company.

2. Customer Satisfaction is Down

Just because you are receiving feedback doesn't mean that you couldn't benefit from the help of a customer experience manager.

If the feedback that you're receiving is negative and you aren't sure why, an experience manager will be able to follow up with customers to find out.

Statistics show that 90 percent of customers look for online reviews before they buy. If the reviews you're receiving aren't positive, or if you aren't getting reviews, you could be missing out on business without even realizing it.

3. You're Worried About the Performance of Your Front Line Staff

When you're busy running a company or if you have many employees, it can be tough to check up on everyone's performances.

Especially when your sales are down, it can be tough to figure out whether the problem is with your front line staff or other parts of the process.

But the reviews that a customer experience manager will get from customers will help tell you how your front line staff are doing. Through strategies like mystery shoppers, your experience manager can help you get a picture of your customer service.

4. Your Customers Aren't Making Repeat Purchases

While one-time clients are still important, it's repeat customers that help your company grow. They keep coming back to buy from you and are more likely to tell their friends about you.

If you aren't landing repeat customers, an experience manager may be able to help you figure out why.

5. Your Company is Growing Slower Than You'd Like

When your company isn't growing at the rate you were expecting, it can be tough to figure out why.

Could it be that customers aren't satisfied with their purchases? Or is it unrelated to your company entirely?

While an experience manager won't be able to answer the second question, they can at least help you determine whether the first is to blame.

6. Employee Morale is Low

If morale among your employees is low, it could be a variety of factors, such as the work environment or management issues.

But it could also be that your employees feel that they aren't getting the credit they deserve for their hard work.

The reviews your experience manager provides can help you boost morale by giving credit to employees who receive positive feedback. You can even use these reviews as an incentive for your employees to improve, by offering rewards when positive reviews are received.

Hire a Customer Experience Manager Today

If you've experienced any of these 6 signs, it may be time to hire an experience manager.

Contact us today to see how our experience can help you boost your customer service in no time.

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