How To Improve Customer Satisfaction

Struggling to understand how to improve customer satisfaction for your business?

It's important that you figure out how.

If you disappoint a customer, it's not so easy to just attract a new one.

Research shows that it's more expensive to find new customers than it is to keep the ones you have.

Making and keeping customers happy is essential to any business, but it isn't always easy. Read on for our tips on how to up your customer service game.

Start by learning from unsatisfied customers

Many businesses have customer satisfaction surveys but don't end up using them.

If you have surveys, study the information. Use it to help you see what is going well and what isn't working.

Compile lists of common customer complaints and present these in team meetings.

Use this information to rework your training program.

Train employees to give the best customer service

You need to have a solid customer training program. It's an important step when learning how to improve customer satisfaction.

A good training program will allow for a consistent customer experience.

In training, you can use recorded calls to point out what worked and what didn't.

Setting up practice calls to make sure your agents feels confident on the phone.

You can also establish the kind of friendly tone you'd like all your employees to use.

Talk to and treat customers like they're a friend

Don't give your customer service agents a robotic script to memorize.

Customers want to be seen as individuals. If your agents are going off a script, the customer won't feel listened to.

Encourage your employees to speak with customers in a more natural way.

They should always speak in the positive. Instead of just saying what they can't do for the customer, have them lead with what they can do.

Give your employees the power to fix customer service problems

Customers want their problems to be fixed quickly. That's why agents should be given a refund budget to use when they see fit.

Making an agent wait for refund approval takes too long.

By the time it is approved, your customer will be more annoyed and less satisfied.

There's another perk to a refund budget. It frees up your management to work on things that are really important.

Keep track of your social media and use it to interact with customers

Another way for your employees to interact with customers is through social media.

People often don't feel like calling into customer service to complain.

It's a lot easier to complain on Facebook, Twitter or Yelp for everyone to see.

That's why it's important to have someone keeping track of your social media.

You need someone quickly responding to these comments and fixing the situation before it ruins your reputation.

Did you find these tips on how to improve customer satisfaction helpful?

If you've tried any of these tips or have some other ideas let us know in the comments!

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