Should Your Small Business Invest in CRM Software?

Small businesses that rely on Excel spreadsheets are losing out to competitors.

Without a customer relationship management (CRM) system in place, there's no way a small business can keep up with company and client base growth.

Time wasted using spreadsheets and difficulties in accurate record-keeping also impact on the customer experience. Without happy customers, a small business is nothing.

That's why small businesses should invest in CRM software.

Not convinced? Here are seven reasons to change your mind.

1. Spend More Time on Core Business Tasks

Wasting time juggling spreadsheets when you're trying to find a customer's details is time away from important tasks.

Every time it takes two minutes to find data, you could be spending those two minutes on something more important.

In fact, 72% of customers say the most important thing a business can give them is time. How can you do that if you're busy with spreadsheets?

Invest in CRM software and you'll find information easily at the click of a button. Reporting is no longer a manual process, as you can easily create customized visual reports.

2. Invest in CRM Software to Reduce the Margin of Error

Working on spreadsheets to handle customer data puts information at risk. All it takes is one incorrect entry, and an entire record could be invalid.

Changes made to details on a spreadsheet might not be saved in another version. This will cause confusion and unhappy customers when they don't receive important communications.

3. Improve Data Security

Spreadsheets aren't as secure as you may think. Anybody can access them. Even passwords can be bypassed with cracking software.

For improved data security invest in CRM software. Access can be limited on a tiered basis. In addition, a log is made of every change by every user, making it easy to see where and when information has been edited.

CRM software also prevents unwanted copying of files. It's easy to save a spreadsheet to a removable drive, but not to export sensitive data from a CRM system.

4. Keep Files in One Place

Spreadsheets lock out other users in order to attempt version control. That's time-consuming and ineffective for small businesses with several operations.

A company that invests in CRM software will see a big improvement in productivity. The program can be accessed by multiple users at the same time.

In addition, a remote workforce can access the same files as everyone in the office. This makes version control and data integrity even more secure.

5. Faster and Easier Auditing

Whether you're conducting an internal investigation, a brand audit, or an external audit, spreadsheets take time.

A CRM system provides a quick and easy audit trail. Logs of all record changes make it easy to trace any purchase, customer history, or transaction.

6. Improve Customer Relationships

CRM software helps small businesses to manage large amounts of data. This makes it easy to segment data and tailor all marketing and communications messages for a personalized customer experience.

Other improvements to customer experience include a faster response when they get in touch. All information and purchase history can be seen at the click of a button.

In addition, fewer errors in customer data will result in less problematic communications.

For example, it's easier to unsubscribe someone from your email newsletter if your CRM is integrated with your email management system. This will reduce the number of complaints you receive about unwanted communications.

7. Improve Your Business with Customer Feedback

When you invest in CRM software, you also gain opportunities to expand your data collection.

Along with basic customer information, you can now handle more detailed feedback. Getting a feel for the voice of the customer is essential to continuous improvement and growth.

A CRM system lets you handle the information you gather during customer research for easy analysis and continuous improvement.

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