7 Employee Engagement Activities that Really Work

Unhappy employees rarely bring a company long-term success.

Generally, the more satisfied your employees are, the more high-quality work gets done.

But many managers have tried to conduct employee engagement activities that just foster silence and awkward stares.

Poor management makes some employees feel even more disgruntled. 

Here are 7 employee engagement activities that have been proven to work:

Make Time For Fun

This means real, grown-up fun, not shallow icebreakers.

Happy hours at local bars and restaurants present a great opportunity for employees and management to relax.

If your company would rather not sponsor mild imbibing, there are plenty of other options for a night out.

Recreation trips, local theater, and game nights can be a fun way to let loose.

Letting employees bring their families to some of these events can show them that you care about their lives outside of work.

Get Active

Today, people spend more time in the office than at any other time in history.

This does not give employees a lot of time to focus on their health and fitness during the day.

Invest in a fitness center so your employees can break a sweat during their breaks.

Consider holding monthly fitness contests.

From a financial standpoint, the healthier your employees are, the less money you might have to spend on group insurance plans.

Keep Communication Lines Open

A major complaint for many employees is that they feel disconnected from upper management.

Conduct group meetings and give lower-level employees the opportunity to speak up and be heard.

Be Transparent

Honesty is a very important virtue for many employees.

If your company is not doing so well, make sure your employees are aware of your status and your plans to turn things around.

If your company is experiencing success, make sure your employees know how their efforts have directly contributed to this success.

Consistently Inspire

Keep your employees engaged by inspiring them to perform.

Send weekly or daily motivational emails.

Speak directly to your employees about the state of your industry and galvanize them to succeed.

Invite thought-leaders and motivational speakers to come and encourage your employees.

Interrupt Monotony

Sometimes, the work day can be repetitive and boring.

Make meetings or presentations fun by giving them a theme.

Schedule short group sessions throughout the day to touch base with your employees and break up the day.

A work day segmented with productive work breaks can give employees something to look forward to.

Look For Opportunities To Enrich

Reward especially hard-working and intelligent employees by advancing their education.

Investing in the enrichment of your employees is a great way to show that you appreciate them.

Companies often get a return on this investment when employees graduate from school and take on leadership roles. 

Why Employee Engagement Activities Are Important

Employee engagement activities build strong relationships within a company.

Companies who use resources on employee engagement are often more productive and prosperous than those who do not.

Although the initial cost of engagement programs can seem unnecessary, high employee turnover can cripple a company.

And if your employees are happy, you have more time to focus on your customers.

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