2018 Tourism Planning: Identifying The Top 5 Trends

The tourism industry is rapidly changing on a massive scale. The market has adapted to suit new demands of tourists, and there are even more demands yet to be met.

In the past, the idea of "paradise" was enough of a selling point for many travelers looking to escape from their daily lives.

But in recent years, many tourists have opted out of the paradise idea, instead choosing more involved vacations that consider some of the global issues we face.

In order to meet these needs of the industry, there are several trends to keep an eye on in 2018. Better yet, shifting business towards these trends could pay off in the long run. It's important to be in the know about what is expected of companies in the tourism industry, and what consumers want from a vacation.

Read on to see five tourism planning trends to watch in 2018 for your business or nonprofit organization.

1. It's All About Experiences

The past few years have seen a massive increase in travelers looking for authentic, unique experiences on their trips.

No longer are the days of simply booking a trip and staying in the hotel the entire time. Consumers want to explore, cook, and live like the locals.

Companies such as Airbnb have jumped on the opportunity to provide this new age of tourists with experiences, and you should too. The more authentic and once-in-a-lifetime, the better.

2. Online Reviews Impact Bookings

It's no surprise that reviews have a great (or grave) impact on business. This is true in most industries.

However, it can be difficult to manage your reputation online.

The first step is to give customers the best experience with your company as possible. Additionally, encourage them to leave you a review if they had a good time.

3. Generational Marketing Changes

It can be tempting to overly focus on millennials in terms of tourism planning. But they are not the only ones spending money on travel.

The differences between generations are blurring, and the overall majority of people are simply interested in having amazing adventures.

Consider the lifestyles of those that you market to instead of their age itself. This will be more effective in 2018 as the experience economy continues to grow.

4. Growth in the Eastern Markets

The Eastern markets of tourism are rapidly growing, especially the Arabic and Indian.

In order to get the most out of these markets, focus on giving individuals a taste of the local culture, as well as the opportunity to spend time with family or friends.

5. Sustainable Travel Is "In"

There is a large push towards a more sustainable world, and consumers are driving it.

Many are looking for options that are related to a cause, rather than just traveling for travel's sake.

Therefore, consider a partnership with the local people in organizing tours and activities, as this will help customers feel good about their vacation with you.

Tourism Planning in 2018

No matter how closely you follow trends, it can be difficult to know exactly how to change in order to market to your target demographic better.

Consider a touristic infrastructure analysis through Pure CX to better assess your market, company, and customers.

We deliver solutions for business growth and improvement in customer experience to ensure you are maximizing your company's potential.

To learn more, check out our post on why your business needs a market analysis report to grow with tourism planning trends today.

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