5 Steps to Increased Customer Service Reviews

It's no secret that building trust online is one of the best ways to create a solid consumer base. One of the most effective ways to gain your audience's attention is through positive customer service reviews.

In fact, approximately 84 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as they would trust their own friends.

Furthermore, only 12 percent of people report that they do not regularly read customer reviews.

As a result, businesses who want to reap the rewards of success should put effort into increasing the amount of positive customer service reviews they receive.

Not sure about how to incorporate this into your business practices? Continue reading to find out five ways to get more online reviews that can help your business grow.

1. Make it Easy

Let's face it: people are much more likely to do something if it's easy. If you work to make your review process streamlined and intuitive, your consumers will take the time to leave feedback.

To make leaving a review simple, remove as much clutter as possible. The review submission form should only have sections that are relevant to the consumer.

2. Give Your Customers Incentive

Sometimes, people need a little extra push before they take the time to leave a review for a product or service.

Many businesses offer discounts as incentives for consumers to give feedback.

However, it is important to remain ethical. You should avoid offering discounts or other promotions that are dependent on customers leaving positive customer service reviews.

3. Ask Every Customer to Leave One

It's not in everyone's thought process to leave a review for a company.

So, what's the best way to get a customer to think about? You simply ask them to.

After your customer interacts with your site (either through a purchase or some other experience), ask them to leave feedback. Many people will if you offer them the option.

4. Respond to Reviews with Integrity

How you handle your company's online customer service reviews plays a large role in determining whether or not your consumers will think it's worth it to leave one.

If you respond aggressively to negative reviews, you may discourage people from leaving them at all. You could even discourage people who read the reviews on your site from doing business with you altogether.

Similarly, if you do not occasionally respond to positive reviews, people will believe that their positive feedback goes entirely unnoticed.

By acknowledging positivity and handling negativity in a collected manner, you'll be able to encourage more people to leave reviews in the future.

Customer experience management is something all business owners should prioritize. For entrepreneurs that need a little extra help, there are plenty of services available.

5. Avoid Automation

People can often tell when something is automated. While automation saves time, it's also far more impersonal.

By personally reaching out to customers and asking them for their feedback, your business will appear more human and less faceless.

Since leaving detailed customer services reviews is such an involved process, your audience will appreciate the amount of effort you put into contacting them.

Customer Service Reviews Matter

As previously mentioned, these reviews hold a lot of weight with many people.

To learn more about other actions you can take to ensure your customers have the best experience, check out our blog.

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