How to Create a Happy Workplace

Are you looking for the next big company initiative to set you apart from competitors?

Whether for internal productivity or to improve your bottom line, there is one simple trick you can start focusing on today to create a brighter future for your company.

The secret? Happy employees.

A happy workplace opens doors from innovative ideas to department relations and client satisfaction.

How can you start creating a more uplifting culture at the office? Here are 4 simple tips to create a happy workplace.

1. Praise Your People

The #1 reason Americans leave their jobs is because they feel a lack of recognition.

How often do you make time to recognize the efforts of your team? If you can't remember the last time you praised an employee for closing a sale or delivering exceptional customer service, you might be in trouble.

No matter the industry, odds are you have some hard-working people. Remind them their efforts don't go unnoticed.

Appreciate them, and watch how they will better appreciate their jobs and your leadership.

2. Understand Individual Development Is Company Development

It is easy to say you care about your employees, but are you sure they feel it?

Even a simple "how are you" gets the ball rolling to improve productivity. It's called the Hawthorne effect - people work better when they have a sense someone is watching them or depending on them.

Or, you can take the time to sit down and discuss development both within company opportunities and in your employees' personal lives.

Set new quotas to meet or maybe even standards to discuss a promotion. This will motivate employees on even their hardest days to see the goal they are personally working towards. It eases the frustration of tough clients and team politics.

For personal growth, consider implementing a fitness plan or a lunch and learn series.

Give employees the support they need to improve in other areas of their life, and watch how it improves their performance at work, too.

3. Take a Step Back

Do you check in with managers and teams constantly throughout the day? If you do, you are the change needed for a happy workplace.

Stop micromanaging. A little autonomy can go a long way.

Taking a step back from looking over your employees' shoulders, it instills a sense of trust. This makes them feel a higher sense of control and freedom to do a good job.

It also lets them make a few mistakes, which can actually improve team communication and accountability down the line.

4. Have a Little Fun

Work should not be 100% work.

Give your team something to look forward to every once in a while other than meetings. Bring in massage chairs, take them out on a half day to the beach or even a happy hour.

This creates a culture where employees feel more like friends than co-workers.

It reminds them no matter what their daily tasks are, everyone is working together for common goals. It is an opportunity to refresh themselves and see each other as people, not just resources.

Happy Workplace, Better Mood, Better Productivity

A happy workplace is the boost your productivity needs.

Take the time to invest in your employees. They will recognize your efforts and, thanks to a happier environment, improve their efforts as well.

Ask us about our workforce solutions and get one step closer to building a happy workforce.

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