Why Aren’t You Following this Customer Experience Management Checklist?

Poor customer service costs businesses over $338.5 billion every year. You want to give your clients the best experience possible, but you don't know how to measure customer experience.

That's why we've created the ultimate checklist in measuring customer experience and posted it here.

How To Measure Customer Experience 101: Know Your Customer

Poor customer service is the reason why 79% of shoppers choose to take their business elsewhere.

When it comes to figuring out how to measure customer service, ask yourself how much you know about your customer:

  • Are you offering solutions that are affordable to them? Will the value of your products stand the test of time? How frequently will a customer buy another one of your products?
  • Who are your customers? What is their age range and average income? What's important to them? Why are they coming to your store and not your competitor's?
  • Have you asked your customers what their expectations and perceptions are of your brand - and if the in-store or online shopping experience matched them? There's no better way to figure out how to measure customer experience than by talking to your customers directly.

How To Measure Customer Experience Next Steps: Evaluate Your Products

When it comes to learning how to measure customer experience effectively, look into whether or not your services and products are running smoothly, and actively helping your customers. To do this, ask:

To do this, ask:

  • When there's a problem, is my customer service response time fast?
  • When designing a product, have I asked my customers what specific features matter to them the most? Look? Functionality? Durability?
  • Have I incorporated the latest technology into my products? Or am I offering products/services that are behind the times?
  • What is the usability of my products? One of the best options on how to measure customer experience is evaluating if your products are intuitive to use, and if your services are meeting the daily needs of your target market.

Evaluate Your Employees When Assessing Customer Experience

Your employees are representatives and ambassadors of your brand - make sure they're doing it justice. Remind them to:

  • Familiarize themselves with your customer profile
  • Remember how much they're appreciated. Showing your employees you care about them as people will help to build trust, encourage them to work harder, and make your company a pleasant place to work every day
  • Understand how their performance impacts profitability - which can be one of the main causes of layoffs. Talk to them about cost per call, segmentation, and customer value. Consider hosting free continuing education seminars so they can improve their skills.
  • Manage the expectations of customers: making promises you can't keep can have a seriously negative effect on customer satisfaction.

You're Ready To Implement What You've Found Into Your Brand

Learning how to measure customer experience, and following through on the process, can be time-consuming and, at times, stressful.

Luckily, we're here to help you assess it on a regular basis. Our expert team works to continuously assess the customer experience of your stores - and we offer you strategies about how to make it even stronger.

But using what you've found can lead to better brand recognition, increased profits, and, of course, better customer service and customer interactions.

For more awesome tips and tricks, keep reading our blog or reach out to us to learn more.


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