Customer Service Survey Questions You Should Be Asking

Numbers are a great way to track a business's progress and measure its success. However, raw statistics alone typically falls short in shedding light on the whole story. Especially when it comes to consumer insights.

That's where qualitative data comes in. Customer service survey questions are powerful tools for understanding your business's strengths and weaknesses. Well-crafted surveys can help make sense of the numbers and drive new strategies for growth and success.

But it's not about asking your customers a lot of questions. It's about asking them the right questions. A firm understanding of your customer's needs will ensure a higher degree of loyalty to your brand and boost organic referrals.

Here are five customer service survey questions you should be asking.

How Did You Hear About Us?

If you want to know where your demand is coming from, this question is imperative.

Asking how a customer came across your name is an excellent way to determine what advertising and marketing channels are working. Based on the responses, you can reallocate spending accordingly and maximize your target market reach.

You can bring in a quantitative aspect to this question, too. Prompt users to choose from a series of common referral mediums, such as "Word of Mouth" and "Online." If you want more specific details, let users freely type in their responses.

How Did We Do?

Many customer service questions fail to elicit valuable detail from customers. This is because most are structured as polar questions. This means answers that derive simple 'yes' or 'no' responses. Asking "Are you satisfied with your purchase" or "Is there anything we can do to improve" are perfect examples.

Prompt your customers to give you specific answers about your service with open-ended questions. This way you give your customers a platform to express their satisfactions and concerns with your product or service. You can use this feedback to identify small shortcomings that would otherwise slip under the radar.

What Were You Most Pleased With? Least?

Attention to detail goes a long way in customer service. Identifying your strengths and weaknesses is crucial to maintaining a positive trajectory.

Customer service survey questions asking for specificity can highlight patterns that are indicative of gaps in your business model.

On the other side, this type of question can also affirm best practices that are working well for your company.

How Can We Improve Your Experience?

Nobody's perfect. From shorter delivery times to friendlier customer service representatives, every business has room for improvement.

By asking customers how you can improve, you are giving them the power to describe their ideal buying experience. In turn, you collect ideas on how to effectively appeal to a larger audience.

How Likely Are You To Refer Us To A Friend?

This question is the ultimate metric of customer satisfaction. Word of mouth is the original form of social media. And it continues to be one of the strongest mediums driving business today.

To get even more value from this question, pose it in the form of a 1-10 scale. This way you can identify how many of the 'YES' responses are 6's and how many are 10's.

Capitalizing On Customer Service Survey Questions

Customer service surveys provide valuable consumer insights to improve your business's success. With the right customer experience management tools, you can give your clients the best service possible.

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