The Importance Of Brand Compliance Audits

Every business has a specific brand that it needs to grow and cultivate. Thus, brand compliance is important when putting together any marketing materials and teaching new workers.

It's important to keep your brand focused on the original guidelines you created when you first started the company. You need to align your story with the personality of your business.

But, company founders often discover that their marketing and customer service departments don't follow the original brand. If this occurs, you can still get back on track by taking part in brand compliance audits.

To learn more about the importance of brand compliance audits and what you can do, keep reading our advice below.

What to consider first

When looking to improve compliance with your brand, you will first need to consider the messaging in your image and voice. You will also need to look at customer demographics and which population to target when selling your products or services.

Whether through the website or marketing materials, you will need to state your mission and company objectives. This will keep your brand strong and effective.

You will also need to address the method you use to reach company goals.

During your brand audit, you will need to look at measurable objectives and metrics. This is the only way to see how strong your brand is.

This will show whether your audience relates to your mission and voice.

Figure out which brand strategies are effective and which are not

When auditing your brand, you will be analyzing the voice and image recognition of your company. You will need to decide which brand strategies are effective in your marketing efforts and which ones have less impact.

You will need to work on your messaging and compliance with the brand to bring better outcomes with your customer base.

Determine your company's identity

Before you do anything to foster change and compliance at your company, you will need to check your organization’s identity. You’ll need to think about your logo and tagline as well as how both relate to your company name.

Your company’s identity also needs to have consistent styles, colors, and sounds as well as voice and imaging. You may want to distribute surveys to your workers to get a better idea of views on company brand and identity.

You can also have customers complete surveys to learn more about your target demographic. These surveys should show where your company’s identity fits in with client needs.

Make a brand compliance action plan

Depending on what you find during your audit, you may want to take part in a complete overhaul of your brand. You can also keep it exactly the way it is or refresh the brand to align more with your company’s mission and goals.

Most companies choose to take part in small changes instead of a complete overhaul. Nonetheless, this means you’ll need to put together an action plan and a timeline for accomplishing these changes.

For more help about completing a quality brand audit, contact us here.

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