Tips to Help You Deliver a Personalized Customer Experience

Any good business owner knows a personalized customer experience is vital. This is especially true in the service industry.

Keep reading to learn what it takes to outshine the competition and be memorable to guests.

The Personalized Customer Experience

Improving customer experience, in one 2016 study, was the top priority for 76% of companies.

Business consumers want efficient, friendly and fast service.

They want you to respect their time. All interactions should be as short but as informative as possible.

Professional, friendly conversation will put visitors at ease. Long, drawn-out interactions may cause frustration or impatience.

Clients expect businesses to anticipate their needs. They want you to know their name.

They want solutions before the problem exists.

When concerns do arise, they want staff who know what they're doing. A smile can make a big difference. Even bad news is softened by the right words and a warm smile.

Make Them Feel Special

Your front line workers represent you. They will be creating your customer experience. Your staff is your business.

If anyone knows something about the service industry, it's Richard Branson. The owner of Virgin stresses customer service as a priority.

He says, "If the person who works at your company isn't appreciated, they're not going to do things with a smile."

A well-trained, happy staff will provide better customer service. If you take time to remember your staff's names, interests, concerns, you will find they will give more.

Staff will remember to use client's names, listen better and show more respect if you set the example.

Go The Extra Mile

Building customer loyalty is all about service. Consumers remember the little things and often make them into big ones. It's important to go the extra mile to help them, no matter how big or small the concern.

Something as simple as giving them directions can improve customer satisfaction. They want to feel heard, acknowledged and appreciated.

Five minutes worth of effort could make a customer loyal for life. Bad customer service could lose them for life. It will also affect anyone they mention your business to.


Your customers all want to feel like V.I.Ps. They don't want to be one of ten things you are concentrating on. They should be your focus.

Talk with them, not at them. Clear communication will lead to an overall better customer experience.

This will also avoid misunderstandings about cost, services or products. Everyone should know the client contract and what's expected.

Every client is a very important person and needs to feel appreciated. Their experience on arrival should be smooth and efficient.

Many businesses use online check-ins and accounts to speed up the process.

We Know You

All services, whether online or in person, should have a personal touch. The client's name on the paperwork, visible to staff.

Staff should know and refer to the client by their name when possible. Staff will seem more personable if wearing a name tag and they introduce themselves.

It doesn't take a big investment to create a personalized customer experience. You can transform your business into the best in the world with a smile and attention to detail.

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